(BY) (NC) (ND) (SA) – What does it all mean?

What? I can’t just copy and paste from Google images and attach the URL in which I found it?

Wow well that certainly wasn’t a habit I meant to get into, and I’m sure there are many many people in the same boat (most of which I’m sure just don’t actually care).  I thought I was sufficiently giving credit where credit was due, but apparently 90% of Creative Commons are not attributed properly.

Here is some more abbreviations (on top of the many we learn in educational contexts) to remember

  • (BY) – Attribution
  • (NC) – Non-commercial
  • (ND) – No derivative works
  • (SA) – Share alike

Along with the YouTube video from Haylea’s blog , this handy Ultimate guide to Creative Commons may be useful for my fellow EDC3100’ers who are struggling to get their head around the idea of copyright images – if only it was as simple as the difference between a movie bought from Sanity and one downloaded (illegally) for free off the internet.  Reminiscent of the title of Haylea’s blog – no one ever said ICTs were meant to be simple!

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